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Luc Turell

Luc Turell Magnétiseur, praticien Reiki et EFT

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Magnétiseur énergéticien, praticien Reiki Usui et Reiki Karuna, praticien EFT, soins avec les Guérisseurs du Ciel


I welcome you with listening and kindness to offer you sessions of care in cabinet or at a distance.

Whether your application concerns physical pain or has a more psychological dimension, it is together that we will seek an appropriate solution.

Magnetism and Reiki are the techniques that allow to give this overenergy and soothe the mind to enable it to activate the repair mechanisms of the body.
EFT allows for its part to lift blockages that could prevent this function from being activated.
Finally, I am also a fire helmsman, useful for alleviating the pain following a radio therapy treatment.
Their use combined with other energy techniques will allow you to find as soon as possible the path of full health.

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Vous rencontrez une des problématiques suivantes ?

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[megatron_icon_box icon_type= »megatron » layout_style= »icon-box-circle » i_align= »top-inline » title= »Douleurs chroniques » description= »Contusions, fibromyalgie, migraines, maux de tête, acouphène, arthrite, polyarthrite, arthrose. ostéoporose » link= »url:%23|| » icon_megatron= »micon icon-shutterstock-166641992-converted-17″ el_class= »margin-bottom-20″][megatron_icon_box icon_type= »megatron » layout_style= »icon-box-circle » i_align= »top-inline » title= »Affirmation de soi » description= »Manque de confiance en soi, difficulté d’affirmation en groupe, prise de parole en réunion, bégaiement, difficultés de concentration ou de mémorisation » link= »url:%23|| » icon_megatron= »micon icon-megaphone » el_class= »margin-bottom-20″][megatron_icon_box icon_type= »megatron » layout_style= »icon-box-circle » i_align= »top-inline » title= »Protection de lieux » description= »sensations de présences ou de froid soudain, mal-être, fatigue inexpliquée, » link= »url:%23|| » icon_megatron= »micon icon-185038-home-house-streamline » el_class= »margin-bottom-20″]

This list is not exhaustive, it is an overview of the pathologies most frequently treated.
You should never stop or modify a medical treatment to replace it with magnetism, Reiki, or other alternative therapy.
These methods act as a complement and not as a substitute.
If you feel "cured", consult your treating physician again for any treatment changes. Energ

Et pour les animaux ?

y, and therefore Reiki or magnetism, is just as effective on animals as it is on humans.
It is difficult to force them to keep quiet during the time of the session, which is why I prefer to practice remote care. But cabinet care is also possible.
Contact me for more information.


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