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Reiki in Andorra. Reiki at Andorra

Aren’t you really tired of always being sick ?
Do you fell always tired, disminished, almost in depression ?
Why does it always fall on you?

And if you …
… lived in a toned body, in great physical shape,
… regain your former spirit and all your vitality,
… always had a good mood to become again the one who coached the whole family in the past?
In contrast, just imagine the impact on your life.

Similarly, can you imagine the beneficial effect on you and indirectly on all your loved ones in just a few sessions.
Because your health is very precious to you, as is your time.
However, if you do nothing you will still be sick , stressed, tired. For this reason, it will go from bad to worse.

So choose now to find your real place which is yours by right.
And choose a sparkling life, full of happiness and vitality.

And if you know someone who is not well, make an act of love and help them take the first step on the road to recovery. Think of the others.

Reiki Andorra, Reiki in Andorra. Reiki at Andorra

Luc Turell

Usui Holy Fire and Karuna Reiki Master,
energy magnetizer,
EFT and Access Bars practitioner,
care with Healers of Heaven

Luc Turell - Reiki Master in Andorra

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+376 626 631

Reiki Andorra, Reiki in Andorra. Reiki at Andorra

Specialized in stress, serious illnesses, orphan and autoimmune diseases.

If I do not respond, I may be doing treatment at this time. So leave me a text message or WhatsApp.

Do you encounter one of the following problems?

This list is not exhaustive. It is an overview of the most frequently treated pathologies.

Skin problems

eczema, ulcer, shingles, psoriasis, acne, warts, herpes. fungi, yeast, wounds, burns, cuts, difficult to heal wounds,

Circulatory problems

high blood pressure, edema, skin ulcers, arrhythmias


help with smoking cessation, alcohol dependence

Joint pain

Back pain, herniated disc, torticollis, sciatica. cruralgia, lumbago, sprain, strain, tendonitis, muscle inflammation, fracture

emotional states

stress, anxiety, anxiety, sleep disturbances. depressions, bedwetting, various fears and phobias. discomfort, overwork, nervous tension. overweight, anorexia nervosa,

Chronic pains

Bruises, fibromyalgia, migraines, headaches, tinnitus, polyarthritis, arthritis. osteoporosis


Lack of self-confidence, difficulty in asserting in a group, speaking at meetings. stuttering, difficulty concentrating or remembering

Places protection

feelings of sudden presence or cold, discomfort. unexplained fatigue, loss of chance

Whether your request concerns physical pain or has a more psychological dimension. It is together that we will seek an appropriate solution.

As already several hundred people who have given me their confidence , the unique combination of my energy methods has allowed them to feel finally better in their body and in their spirit , to sometimes even transform their life.

First, magnetism et Reikiare the techniques that give extra energy. As well as soothing the mind to allow it to activate the body’s repair mechanisms .

Then L’EFT et Access Bars,allow to remove blockages that could prevent the activation of this healing function.

Finally, I’m also fire helmsman . It is a technique which is useful for alleviating the pain following a treatment of radiotherapy .

Thus, their use combined with other energy techniques will allow you to return to the path of full health as soon as possible .

However, you should never stop or modify medical treatment. Even to replace it with sessions of magnetism, Reiki, or another alternative therapy.
Because these methods act as a complement and not as a replacement.
Finally, if you feel “cured”, consult your doctor again for any treatment modification.

What about animals?

Energetics, and therefore Reiki or magnetism, is just as effective on animals as on humans.
In fact, an animal is even generally more receptive because it has no preconceptions or prejudices about the treatments intended to treat it.
However, it is often difficult to force them to remain quiet during the whole session. Likewise, for hygiene reasons, I do not wish to receive animals in my office. This is why I only practice distance care which is just as effective.
Contact me for more information.

As an example, when I do a treatment at home, it is not uncommon for my dog to approach to try to gather some energy. In case it falls a little on him …

How to come ?

I receive you by appointment at my office.
It is located in the very center of Andorra la Vella, opposite the Pyrenees shops.

You will findall my contact details, nearby car parks, and the plan to come to the office on this page.


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